Specialist People Services Group aims to bring together businesses that share a common commitment to delivering outstanding customer service and compliance standards, and that are recognised as market-leading specialists in their respective sectors.

We help our customers to maximise the productivity of their workforce, by providing recruitment services, classroom-based and online training, and other people management services.


We believe that any organisation that stands still goes backwards. The management team at Specialist People Services Group is constantly looking for better ways of doing business, whether in the range of products and services offered to our customers or in the systems and processes adopted by the company to ensure that our operations are run to the highest possible standard.


Franchising has been a vital part of the development and success of our core Driver Hire recruitment business since its very early days. We are genuine leaders in the field of franchising, having won a string of industry awards over the past decade. For those products and services where the model provides genuine benefits to both the company and our customers, we remain committed to this way of doing business.

For the company, these benefits have included providing a route to progressive, stable expansion of our network of recruitment offices. For our customers, the model of dynamic local ownership combined with rigorous nationwide standards is just one of many competitive advantages that the Driver Hire recruitment business offers.

Other parts of Specialist People Services Group have delivered, and will continue to deliver very successful results using more traditional business models. Our philosophy is quite simply to identify the best model for each business and employ that model to deliver excellence across the group.