The introduction of eServices (online licence checking and eLearning) to the product portfolio of the Specialist People Services Group marked a significant shift. Firstly, while our products in this area retain their focus on helping our customers to maximise the productivity of their workforce, they are delivered online. Secondly, they give the business an opportunity to extend beyond the transport and logistics market in which it currently operates.

The very successful launch of dh Licence Check at the end of 2013 illustrates the shift very effectively. Any organisation in which people are driving company vehicles, or staff are driving any vehicle for business purposes, has a legal obligation to ensure that such people hold a correct and valid licence for the vehicle they are driving.

dh Licence Check

dh Licence Check makes it easy for customers to meet that legal obligation, and at the same time delivers significant benefits in terms of operational costs and administrative efficiency. The system is simple to use, fully configurable, and through a direct online link to the DVLA, provides at-a-glance updates on an entire workforce.

The system has a clear appeal to our traditional customer base in the logistics industry, but also answers a growing need from a vast range of organisations throughout the public and private sectors.

As part of the development of dh Licence Check, the SPS IT team has created a bespoke online platform which will enable the creation of further services in the future. Already available are eLearning services covering Fuel Efficient Driving and the Daily Walk Around Check, as well as a number of online driver assessment tools.

This innovative response to a direct need for current customers, which also allows for expansion into new markets, is an excellent example of the SPS Group’s strategy for delivering ongoing business growth.

Visit the dh Licence Check website