Five Core Values

Each of the businesses within the Specialist People Services Group operates according to a shared set of five core values. These are:

Integrity, openness and honesty in all that we do

– Be true to what you believe in
– Be open, frank and transparent in all communication
– Share your ideas and concerns openly and constructively
– Be honest in everything you do

Respect, support and recognition of each other

– Listen and seek to understand the views of others
– Focus on the problem not the person
– Take time to recognise and appreciate those you work with
– Treat others as you would like to be treated

Passion for our customers, our candidates and our business

– Deliver service excellence at every opportunity to customers, candidates and colleagues
– Take decisions which enhance the reputation of our business with customers and candidates
– Champion our business at all times
– Live the values

Determination to succeed and be the best that we can be

– Maintain a positive attitude
– Strive continuously to improve
– Provide solutions and not just problems
– Do the best you can do at every opportunity

Accountability for our actions

– Take responsibility and ownership
– Deliver what you say you will, and communicate progress as often as necessary
– If something goes wrong, try to find a way of putting it right
– Review and improve at every opportunity