Simon Higgens, chief executive of ISS Labour, has been named chairman of a new SME council for the Rail Supply Group (RSG).

The council has been established to help promote the interests of SMEs in the rail industry and recognise the significant impact these businesses have on both the sector and wider UK economy. It demonstrates how smaller businesses can deliver excellent customer service, reliability and innovation across the supply chain through new technology and sustainable solutions.

One of the council’s main objectives is to help create a ‘Rail Sector Deal’ that will shape the direction of future rail investment and delivery. The Council will put this to the Government to deliver improvements in productivity, innovation, customer experience and value for money within the supply chain

Simon has played a key role in developing a number of themes to show how SMEs can contribute to this deal, including technology & innovation, customer experience and sustainable railway.

SMEs in the rail sector help deliver a transformative ‘world leading’ transport network, creating a UK brand that can be exported across the world.